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the mighty
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~The Unmyelinated Neurone|La neurona sin vaina de mielina~
TeH mighty me
I'll own the world someday. me is too lazy these days
consider yourself lucky
TeH GirL:.
Name: Ask if you want to know :B
Age: 18 {acts like a 7 wants to be 5
and is acared of growing up }
peter pan syndrome :/
Lives: Her own world ~|~ Santiago, Chile.
Gender: female, a bit ambigue {She's not bisexual, just looks like a boy if she wants to}

Star sign: scorpio/libra
Drugs: Chocolate, SUGAR {yesh sugar, like eats spoons of sugar (do you know L? from death note? pretty much like him when she's at computer}

Given by friends: nadie, no one, ninya nya~, 1, jin.
i'm in ravenclaw!
Given by Family: manana
Hakyumi, Kyuu, Kyumi, mizuki-chan, michuki derive from Hagure Kyuuketsuhime Mizuki (given by F4E)

~||More about::.
·.·• Bit crazy....... [ok,ok, i’m a total schizophrenic, let me be ok, that's something between my psychiatrist and mua]
·.·• Doesn't know how to conjugate verbs properly ..in spanish or english
·.·• Definitely NOT Shy
·.·• Artist
·.·• Believes in egocracy

·.·• Jrock lover at heart

·.·• Loves Chatting/talking
·.·• Randomness = her life
·.·• Fangirlism only with JE
·.·• Loves symbol
·.·• abuses of D: and :D
·.·• fanfics writter
·.·• loves singing
·.·• she is a tiger graaauuj!!
·.·• forgets eat if nobody says to her
Forgets sleep if nobody says to her
·• Forgets wake up if nobody slaps her
·.·• can sleep 34 hours { skips Sundays}
·.·• struggles with her mother tongue
·.·• Loves read
·.·• egoist

·.·• cheats when playing cards
·.·• spanish speaker [well...kinda]
·.·• hates homophobia
·.·• Yaoi lover
·.·• such a pain in the ass
·.·• quite good portrayer
·.·• Loves to eat artichokes with mayonnaise
(should I say, mayonnaise with artichokes?)

·.·• finds "haters" people without anything better to do
·.·• always with some problem with her craptacular computer
·.·• Great draftsgirl/sketcher/ [ girl! never woman!]

·.·• Composes music, and plays piano [not "omg so good" she's autodidact]

♥Blog crews
[HAPPY LINE] JE -> -kei-chan!- -> Me. \(^-^)Akanishi Jin {{KAT-TUN Blog Crew}}Akanishi jin <3 || bluetuesday Asian Music Blog Crew ☆ >> KOYAMA KEIICHIRO <3

new mobile devices
perth guttering

give me MOAARR HUGS!:D

yaotome hikaru is my Mrs.Claus i had an AFFAIR with Kusano Hironori

I adopted a cute lil' death fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

ashley_vulpix I soooooo rabu her

<--- let's be stupid that day :D



what flavor pocky are you?

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